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The HuZ Journey of Study | A beautiful spring with strawberries | HuZ Deutsche Schule Shenyang
Mar  23, 2023

Birds fly, plants grow, the earth is gradually dyed green, and the vibrant spring can be seen everywhere. The primary students of Hübschmann Zhan Deutsche Schule Shenyang are ready to deeply feel the unique charm of spring, go into nature and embrace the new season! Recently, the wonderful research activities of the our school arrived as promised, and a unique "strawberry picking and research trip" began.


Pick Strawberries

Walking into the strawberry shed,

the sweet smell of strawberries came to the nostrils.

Bend down to choose carefully,

cannot help but pick the next one to taste.

The students soon harvested a basket full of strawberries!


Pick Mushrooms

When the students came to the mushroom garden,

they saw the mushroom bags arranged neatly.

Mushroom picking is very easy and does not need any tools.

Even though it's the first attempt,

The students soon learned how to pick mushrooms.


Strawberry Research Class

Students come into contact with nature to understand the growth process of strawberries, and know that strawberries can be divided into many kinds. The Strawberry research activity is fun and gives new understanding to the growth of a new harvest! Students better understand the hard work of fruit growers, and learn fruit is hard to come by. We should cherish every harvest and be a person who loves life!

Reap Growth Through Experience

Walk into the farm and get in touch with nature. After the children visited and fed the small animals, the Strawberries spring research activity came to a perfect end. The children came back full of fresh strawberries picked by themselves. Life is education. Hübschmann·Zhan Deutsche Schule Shenyang will walk with you in the natural environment and offer the experience of nature.

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