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Our MSA trip to Shanghai | HuZ Deutsche Schule Shenyang
Mar  20, 2023

Last week, our G10 students attended the MSA written exams in Shanghai. Within a few days, they completed the German, Math, and English examinations, with each exam lasting 135 minutes. The students were under great pressure because the results would have a strong impact on their final graduation scores.

Although the students left their familiar environment and family, they performed well and provided support to each other. Here, students Magdalena and Marieke shared their experiences:


Nervously but expectantly, we checked in at Shenyang Airport at 7:30 on Sunday morning. There was nothing unexpected on the way to Shanghai. The two Bauer teachers gave us a challenge: take group photos in the formation of the letters M, S, and A as we make our way back. As clearly shown in the photo, you can find a big "M" in it. At the Shanghai airport, we were picked up by a guide and taken to the hotel by bus.

When we arrived at our hotel, we got a few hours off to explore the surroundings. We all headed immediately to the shopping mall, which was only a 5-minute walk away. There we ate wontons and later a huge portion of ice cream.

At 16.00 pm, we met Dr. Weber, the senior school coordinator of the German School in Shanghai Yangpu, who gave us a tour of the school building with her daughter. It is such a huge building that it surprised us all. We keep saying words like "Oh, wow," and "God."

Our hotel was also well equipped. That's why everyone went to the gym in the evening and went swimming afterward.


We brought the breakfast provided by the hotel to the Shanghai School and had breakfast before class. On that day, two high school students (Hans and Marieke) took their first exam, English. At the same time, the rest of the class prepared for their German exams with the two Bauer teachers. After 150 minutes, Hans and Marieke walked out of the examination room with great relief. Our English teacher told us that the exam was much more difficult than she expected. We spent the rest of the time with other students from Shanghai School. Senior students can leave the campus during breaks and between classes. So some of us went out for ice cream with the students from Shanghai School. After school, Feitian and David, the representatives of our class, presented the gifts that our school had brought to Dr. Weber and Mr. Brosemann, the vice principal, to thank them for organizing the exam.


As on Monday, we prepared our breakfast boxes and ate them at school, where we all took the German exam afterward. Most of us were actually dissatisfied with our performances and worried about the exams. After the exam, we joined the class with the local students, who continued to work on their existing projects, so we did not contribute much. On that day, we were allowed to leave school after lunch to spend our free time.

After three hours at the hotel, our class went to the Bund in Shanghai. There, we expressed and shared our different ideas in groups. We enjoyed the evening very much.


On Tuesday afternoon, we could finally snatch some leisure time from our busy schedule. On Wednesday, however, we were under pressure again due to the upcoming math exam.

We attended a full day of daily courses at the Shanghai School. And we taught the boys about Women's Day. The teaching was a success because, in the evening, Mrz. Bauer and each of us received a large bouquet of flowers.

Wednesday night was really great! We were all sitting in the lobby of the hotel. Two Bauer teachers helped look after the pizza while we were learning math. We understood a lot of mathematical problems and calculation methods by helping each other. 


At 7:55 a.m., the math exam begins. Almost all of our classmates left the exam room feeling not so confident, but we were relieved that at least we had completed all the exams.

After that, we left the school, took the car back to the hotel, and then went downtown. Mr. Bauer took us to a very wonderful Mexican restaurant where we had the best tacos (it is one of the must-go places in Shanghai!). After we filled our bellies, we went to the Grand Hyatt and enjoyed the sunset over a cup of tea on the 87th floor. In the midst of the loud and cheerful music, we packed our bags and ended the day.


Also on this day, we got up very early. The only difference is that this time we can enjoy a buffet breakfast in the hotel.Then we were picked up by a bus to go to the consulate again. There, we walked by the river for several hours and finally continued our photo task, taking a group photo in the formation of the letter S. After that, we went to eat kebabs directly.This restaurant selected by Helena is also worth recommending! Then, unfortunately, we had to head to the airport. The flowers we received earlier were also allowed to be placed in hand luggage and brought back to Shenyang. The photo challenge Mr. Bauer gave us at the beginning of our trip was completed at Shenyang Airport, where we took a photo in letter A formation. The "MSA" series of photos is thus finished!


Everyone enjoyed our trip to Shanghai very much, even though the exam made us anxious and nervous.

P.S. We want to tell the two Bauer teachers: We are all looking forward to another test trip with you in June!

Soon there will be an oral exam!


Marieke and Magdalena (G10)


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