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Hand in Hand with Flame Blue to Protect Against Disasters Together | HuZ Deutsche Schule Shenyang
Mar  02, 2023

The campus is a densely populated area. Ensuring campus safety is one of the most important daily projects at HuZ Deutsche Schule Shenyang. Fire and earthquake preparation drills are an indispensable lesson for every teacher and student every semester!

On February 28, the HuZ Deutsche Schule Shenyang, under the supervision of the fire squadron of the Central South Street Fire Rescue Station in Jingkai District, Shenyang, organized a fire and earthquake evacuation drill. During the activity, Captain Liu of the Central South Street Fire Rescue Station taught the school teachers and students about the safety measures, and how to correctly deal with and evacuate in case of fire and earthquake.

Fire drill and shock drill

The drill begins! In accordance with the escape protocols, teachers and students of each class fled quickly along the designated routes and evacuated the building to the assembly point in an orderly manner. We concluded the first drill in time, and the second evacuation took only 1/3 of the first one.

We will continue to exercise the maneuver in different forms and occasions so that teachers and students in our school can respond effectively in the face of similar emergencies.

Visit the fire engine

The red fire truck occupied all the students' attention! Everyone was in close contact it to explore the mysteries of actual fire trucks and fire-fighting equipment. Through the detailed explanation of firemen, hands-on operation, a variety of modern and advanced fire-fighting equipment, students' strong interest in learning was stimulated.

Firefighter related activities

The fire suit is one of the important pieces of equipment to guarantee the safety of the firefighters. We know the wearing steps of the fire suit, and we tried wearing the fire suit and running with a 30m hose with the firefighters. The atmosphere at the scene was lively, and everyone could have a preliminary understanding of the daily work of firefighters. This is a practical exploration and full of friendly interactive experience!

Through intense drills and firsthand experience, we know more about how to protect ourselves in the event of an earthquake or fire. Students are also more aware of firefighters' hard work and dedication, and they can't help but be in awe! The HuZ Deutsche Schule Shenyang conscientiously does a good job of safety training, for students to create a safe, healthy, and harmonious growth environment!

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