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Chinese Spring Festival | HuZ Deutsche Schule Shenyang
Jan  18, 2023

On the sunny winter days with the festive air of Chinese New Year, Hübschmann·Zhan Deutsche Schule Shenyang organized a series of "Chinese Spring Festival" themed courses as part of our diversified classes and encounter culture, getting our Chinese New Year started in a special way.

Chinese Class

Our Chinese courses not only cultivate students' literacy, reading, and writing skills, but also develop their interest and understanding of traditional Chinese culture. As the Chinese New Year approaches, our students from all over the world learned about the traditions of the Spring Festival through writing Chinese characters and drawing Chinese elements under the guidance of their Chinese teachers.

Art Class

Students’ unconstrained imaginations are made into vivid artworks with their clever hands. We provide personalized art instructions for different students. With the full respect and care from teachers, there’s a free and lighthearted atmosphere in our art classes, which helps students discover their interests.

Surrounded by the Spring Festival atmosphere, students gave full access to their imagination in their hand-made fish-shaped hangings, flower balls, and Chinese lanterns, all of which represent their good wishes and expectations for the Chinese new year.

Our school provides diversified classes to enable students with cross-cultural understanding. "Culture Encounter" is the essence of encounter education, which makes it possible for students to deeply understand and respect each other's important festivals. “Learning together, growing together”, our students will find their success as world talents who have strong feelings for their motherland but are also open to different cultures

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