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Sport, Happiness and Growth | HuZ Deutsche Schule Shenyang
Feb  06, 2023

Physical education is very important for the growth of students. Various after-class exercises constitute an indispensable part of our physical education, the planned activities not only allow students to develop a healthy, but it also helps them find balance between study and exercise.

Our school has diversified extracurricular activities, giving students opportunities to train and discover their skills and interests, and to have an all-round growth in physical capability, social skills, and cognitive competence.

Fun Sports Day

The “Fun Sports Day” of Hübschmann·Zhan Deutsche Schule Shenyang contributed  to students’ enthusiasm for sports. The unique design of games enabled students to get an interesting and diversified sports experience. It improves reflexes, balance and hand-eye coordination. Students immersed themselves in the fun of games. Team members were brought closely together in team competitions and all worked for the common goal. During sports day, all players showed their sportsmanship. 

After the Fun Sports Day, primary students wrote articles to record their memory of this event. Their happiness and enthusiasm for sports among the words and between the lines made the best end of the Fun Sports Day.

PE, multicultural and multifaceted

In addition to regular extracurricular sports activities, our school's daily PE also includes basketball, football, badminton, table tennis, fencing, hockey, gymnastics, athletics, baseball, rugby, Frisbee and many other sports. We attach great importance to the role of sports and the participation of every student in at least one sport,making sure that they can all improve themselves and enjoy exercising.

The main purpose of our physical activities is to increase students' interest in sports and create a positive atmosphere of extracurricular sports. Our PE class not only enriches students' school life and gives them multifaceted development, but it also attaches importance to personal education, so that they can learn to be a good team player while keeping their individuality, and become better people through active and healthy sports.


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