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Emergency Drill for Epidemic Prevention and Control in HuZ | HuZ School
May  13, 2022
For the health and safety of our teachers and students, on May 9th, Hübschmann·Zhan School conducted an emergency drill for epidemic prevention and control. Since the students have not returned to school yet, our teachers played the role of the students in various possible scenarios after the resumption of offline classes so that we can response to emergencies in an organized manner.

Scenario 1: Morning check-in for teachers and students

In the morning, teachers and students should check in first before they enter the school through the east gate at a staggered schedule. When entering the school, they will stand in two lines keeping a one-meter distance to each other. They can enter the school after their body temperatures are tested to be normal.

Scenario 2: Fever discovered in class

In class, if teachers find any student feeling unwell (with abnormal body temperature), they will response promptly in accordance with the prescribed procedures, and disinfect the classroom, corridor, isolation room and other places comprehensively. Each step of the drill is complete, detailed, orderly and is made clear to the teachers.

Scenario 3: Dinning in the canteen

All faculty and students should queue up to have their body temperature tested before entering the canteen, where maximumly two students should sit in the same direction at a separate table to dine,so as to ensure the "safety while dining" for everyone after the resumption of classes.

There are no bystanders or outsiders in the battle against the epidemic. Hübschmann·Zhan School will continue to take on our responsibility to strictly implement various measures for epidemic prevention and control to implement the campus epidemic prevention together. We are always ready for the resumption of offline class!

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