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Living Room Concert | HuZ School
Apr  26, 2022

This April, although the teachers and students of Hübschmann Zhan School could not gather together, they communicated with each other through music. On April 21st, the Hübschmann·Zhan School "Living Room Concert" was successfully held online. The concert with a "living room" background brought everyone together. Through the special online concert, the kids felt the company and care from each other even in the time of homeschooling, immersing themselves in a special artistic feast.

During the webcast and interaction, our principals sent their greetings to the students, who gained more confidence and strength from their care and encouraging words.

Besides vocal singing, the concert covered various musical instruments such as drum set, dulcimer, piano, violin, clarinet and flute. All 17 programs of music from different countries were shown to teachers and students through webcast, completing an expression of friendship and the transmission of multiculture. 

The wonderful ensemble shows the cooperative spirit of the little musicians, friends enjoying the same musical event together although they haven't seen each other for a long time. Students expressed their happiness and joy through the skillful "dialogue" of different musical instruments. The beating notes brought the kids spiritual joy and emotional resonance, arousing their enthusiasm for life! The concert ended with a chorus of the Song of HuZ. In the beautiful melody, although we can only see each other on the screen, the members of our HuZ family are always together!

This wonderful living room concert has created a different way of artistic expression, conveying the beauty of our life through the online form. Thank the parents for their great support and the students for their wonderful performances. Accompanied with the beautiful music, let us enjoy this precious April time!

Life with music is still beautiful, and the days spent with the kids are still bright. Hübschmann·Zhan School is constantly trying new ways to help our students appreciate and improve themselves in the ocean of art, so that they can find their best way of artistic expression.

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