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Encounter Another Dragon Boat Festival Together | HuZ School
Jun  03, 2022

It’s another Dragon Boat Festival we spent together and a good opportunity to learn from our life. Upon resumption of our offline teaching, Hübschmann·Zhan School brings our students into the cultural atmosphere of Dragon Boat Festival.

Through this brilliant Chinese traditional festival, our German students can learn about Chinese culture in a more direct and absorbing way. The Chinese teachers of Hübschmann·Zhan School have prepared a variety of activities, leading the students into a festive atmosphere and trace the origin of the Dragon Boat Festival.

The students either draw the dragon boat or cut out paper-cuts of it and the cute cartoon rice dumplings. Their paintings are full of creativity, and their absorbed faces looks so radiant with their enthusiasm of exploration!

Here we gathered from different countries in Hübschmann·Zhan School as a big family. The school provides a platform for Chinese and German students to encounter and show themselves, promoting traditional culture and art to take root, germinate, blossom and bear fruit on campus. Our Chinese and German students can learn through lively activities, enhance their awareness of the Dragon Boat Festival culture and enjoy the festive atmosphere of it. While having fun, students can enrich their artistic literacy and find what a nice place this world is.

The Dragon Boat Festival activity is our special way to carry forward the traditional culture and to express our wish for a peaceful and propitious life. Hübschmann·Zhan School wishes everyone peace and health on Dragon Boat Festival!

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