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Apr  21, 2022
Easter is quietly approaching with the warm and cheerful steps of spring. As a festival of rebirth and hope, it is a day on which countries around the world hold different celebrations to welcome another hopeful year and share the joy of changing seasons!

Although homeschooling online, we can still spend this Easter together with the support of our parents!

The one-week Easter activity kicked off with Hübschmann·Zhan School's online classes. Through an online teaching platform, the children participated in an unit of the Easter activity.

After Easter bunny tour, the physical activity, here comes the classic Easter basket hunt game. Children solve riddles then find hidden clues in the apartment, which lead them step by step through the biblical Easter story and finally find their Easter baskets.

With tools such as brushes and paints, we also make Easter eggs together by outlining, spotting and decorating them. The colorful and creative Easter eggs and bunny masks made by children are all expressing their joy on Easter Day.

Hübschmann·Zhan School pays much attention to the respect and protection of the homeland culture of all students and creates as many opportunities for students to learn in multi-culture as possible. While broadening the students' horizons, we help students to have a deeper understanding of foreign cultures in the collision of cultures, so that they can have more ease and confidence in the future global stage.

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