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Apr  12, 2022

The spring brings everything back to life and gives us a flourishing April before we can know it. Even in this special time of homeschooling, with some patience and creativity, we could find different fun of life at home!

There could also be lots of fun staying at home. Have you acquired any new skills? Here are some examples from Hübschmann Zhan School.

Although we can only meet online, we are still "learning together and growing together". With diversified teaching methods, teachers make their online courses attractive and interesting, so that students can experience and master different forms of learning.

Our students keep a proper balance between study and rest. Although they cannot play sports on the big playground at school, the students keep exercising in the open space at home to start every new day with full enthusiasm. Come and burn calories with the students of Hübschmann Zhan School!

Some kids dance to relax; some kids play the piano to enjoy music; some kids do manual work to improve their hands-on skills; others turn the most ordinary ingredients into delicate and delicious foods with their light hands... For a wonderful life and all-round development, students have improved their skills during the time staying at home. In this hopeful spring, we keep growing up with a sunny and positive attitude!

The spring blooms are still waiting for someone to appreciate it. When we finally meet face to face, there will be a long prepared greeting: “Good to see you again! 

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