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HuZ Cares | A Two-way Friendship between Students and Animals | HuZ Deutsche Schule Shenyang
Sep  26, 2023

HuZ Cares,

Public benefit project of HuZ School

Another heartwarming animal shelter activity starts again!

Students and the puppies ran happily towards each other,

 Forming a bond of friendship under the clear sky.


Donations help with animal rescue

In the “Charity Run” we held previously, our good intentions led to heartwarming results. It was not only a sports event, but also a transmission of love. A portion of the donations raised through our joint efforts was used to purchase pet products such as dog food, cans, and chew sticks. Besides, in order to provide better indoor ventilation and heat dissipation for the animal shelter, we also purchased 20 wall-mounted fans, creating a more comfortable living environment for the animals there.

These use of these donations reflects our deep care and love for stray animals. Every donation is a source of more warmth and hope for the stray animals.


Healing Magic of Animals

We used this opportunity to refresh ourselves by interacting closely with animals. We felt like family with the animals as we fed them and cleaned their yard. 

Guardians of the little furry ones

We believe that every life is worthy of respect and care, whether it is human or animal. We should all protect the world’s diversity and harmony. HuZ Cares organizes various public benefit activities to do so. We hope to help more stray animals and find them loving famili

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