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HuZ New Pupil Welcoming Day | Encounter a new journey | HuZ Deutsche Schule Shenyang
Sep  05, 2023

On August 29th, our new Grade 1 students had a special day.   The second day of each school year is the traditional first-year pupil welcoming day at Hübschmann·Zhan Deutsche Schule Shenyang. Families from different countries have joined our school community. Teachers and senior students prepared a wonderful welcoming ceremony to help the new students feel at home in our school!


Our meeting is the start of a new chapter in the student’s lives, a continuation of their growing story. Holding the “Schultüten”, the conical gift bags prepared by their parents, the kids took their first photos as primary school students with their families.  Expressing their good wishes and expectations for the new semester and future school life.


Students from other grades showcased the happy and colourful school life at HuZ with their lovely singing and brilliantly funny play. With a warm and cheerful atmosphere, the new primary students joined our journey of "learning together and growing together".

 On this cool autumn day, our G1 primary students opened a new chapter in their lives. With the joint efforts of the school and families, we can definitely help the students with their all-round growth and lay a solid foundation for their future success!

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