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HuZ Project Week | One-day world tour to encounter various cultures! | HuZ Deutsche Schule Shenyang
Jul  27, 2023

HuZ Deutsche Schule Shenyang's project week is one of the most anticipated activities every academic year. This year's project week was themed on "World Tour", with a total of 14 project teams making in-depth exploration of the cultures of 12 countries across seven continents. Instead of just dreaming about traveling around the world someday, let's start a one-day "World Tour" at HuZ Deutsche Schule Shenyang now! Through the long-awaited project week, students are fully immersed in the exchange and learning of various cultures.

Students went through various stages like topic selection, grouping, and project establishment to discover the cultures of 12 countries and even the world through practical experience. With the cracking pace and rich content, our project week combined language learning with cultural exchange to stimulate students' interest and inspiration, allowing them to complete this semester's learning and life through interesting and fun project activities!

On the day when the project results were displayed, the iconic objects with the cultural characteristics of different countries formed a feast of eyes. During the project week, different groups of students colored mini Eiffel Towers, made clay sculptures of Mexican taco, tried Chinese paper making and painted Spanish football fan T-shirts, etc.. The project week brought us into a wonderful cultural world, allowing us to experience the cultures and customs of different countries around the world.

The successful completion of the project week marks the end of this semester. Teachers are so proud and pleased as the witnesses of the continuous growth of our students. We help our students to make progress but every bit of progress they made is inseparable from the support and cooperation from the parents. HuZ Deutsche Schule Shenyang will always adhere to the goal of creating high-quality international education, and cultivate international talents with global vision, independent mind and innovative capacity. We are going to bring more pleasant surprises for students,we are always in action. Let's look forward to a wonderful new chapter in the next school year!

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