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Curling game Shenyang 2023 | HuZ Deutsche Schule Shenyang
Feb  24, 2023

On Feb 19, a traditional but popular German-style curling game was held at the open square of the Conrad Hotel in Shenyang. There were 13 staff of the Hübschmann·Zhan Deutsche Schule Shenyang invited to this special winter sport. They formed 2 teams to compete with 14 others and enjoy the unique fun brought by the winter event of German curling.

The event kicked off with a welcoming speech by Michal Bartkowski, Deputy Consul General of the German Consulate General in Shenyang. The players gathered in their teams besides the arena. Thrown out onto the rink, the ‘ice stocks’ slid on the surface and then finally came to a graceful stop. The school teams took turns to play, and the members who weren't playing were also cheering each other on or giving advice.

The German curling game was undoubtedly a beautiful encounter, which created unique memories for us, deepened HuZ family members' understanding of each other, and enhanced our cross-border friendship! Exercising, gaming, uniting, and supporting, we spent a good day together, learning together, and growing together!

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