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2022 Math Kangaroo is coming soon! | 
Mar  09, 2022

2022 Math Kangaroo is coming soon! Different from the traditional math contests in China, Math Kangaroo stimulates children's interest and self-confidence in mathematics learning through interesting daily-life topics. It helps children to develop a mathematical and rational thinking while having fun.

Hübschmann Zhan School has introduced the international competition Math Kangaroo since 2021, benefiting more teenagers who have deep passion in mathematics and want to demonstrate themselves in international competitions. With good news keeps pouring in,many of our students have won awards in Math Kangaroo.


The Math Kangaroo competition in Hübschmann Zhan School is starting again this year in 2022. We welcome students from all schools to join us in this competition! We could provide professional tutoring, comfortable environment and a mature competition system. Here in Hübschmann Zhan School, you will find the fun of mathematics!


【Math Kangaroo Competition】

➤ Encourage students to learn and discover the charm of mathematics

➤ Give students confidence to use their mathematics knowledge

➤ Build students’ rational thinking while having fun

➤ Help students understand the practical use of mathematics in the nature and the human society.


【Pre-test Tutoring】

Hübschmann Zhan School will provide free pre-test tutoring for registered students.

(1)  Based on the question types of the competition, we analyze the frequently tested knowledge to find the difficult points and complex ones.

(2) Bilingual teaching throughout the class, strengthen students' reading comprehension so that they could better understand the question.

(3) Targeted analysis and tutoring to questions and mistakes, efficiently help students to improve.



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Looking forward to your excellent performance and new achievements!

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