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Opening Ceremony | HuZ School
Mar  02, 2022

On February 28, 2022, we held the opening ceremony for the second semester of this academic year. Our special way to celebrate the ceremony, is to recall the happy time in our winter vacation and to plan a new journey for the new semester.

The ceremony began with songs sung by our students. When the Song of HuZ played, the melody of which was kept on our minds , everyone felt the strength it brought to us.

We are the writers of our own life stories and every step we made could be a memorable chapter. Hübschmann Zhan School and our parents recorded the time we spent together and the video shared at the opening ceremony took us back to those joyful moments.

The principals made their speeches on the new semester. A new journey has begun, in which more wonders are to be discovered by our students!

It is worth mentioning that the school prepared a special opening gift for the students, a mascot of a young lion full of vigor and chivalry! As the mascot of Hübschmann Zhan School, it symbolizes loyalty, passion and bravery, and is the embodiment of wisdom and strength! We have made various book clips of the mascot, hoping that it will accompany our students in their study and that everyone could be as brave as the young lion, learn and grow up healthily and happily.

Hübschmann Zhan School hopes that every student could enjoy their time learning and living here with each other. In the new semester, let’s live out our dreams and make ourselves the better ones!

Wir hoffen, dass alle Schülerinnen und Schüler auch im zweiten Halbjahr ihre Zeit an der Schule, das Lernen und das Zusammenleben genießen können!

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